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Welcome to the HA Spice Company

Welcome to the HA Spice Co. A company that is dedicated to providing the beginner and serious cook with new and exciting preservative free and MSG free spice blends. The spice blends are developed and tested in professional kitchens with the idea of adding interesting flavors easily and healthfully. The end result of many hours of tasting is for you to enjoy at your home, whether in the kitchen or outside on the BBQ grill. The repertoire of available spices will be growing over time, so please check us out as often as your schedule allows.


This is the same spice blend used on the famous "Cuban Spice Rubbed Pork Chop" at the Lucky Bones Backwater Grill in Cape May, NJ. The spice works great on the grill for fish, shellfish, chicken, and beef. Also use as a seasoning agent in your favorite salad recipe, roasted vegatables, or potatoes.