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Two Spice blends are currently being offered right now:

The original, Chef Walter J's Cuban Spice Rub

Chef Walter J's Cuban spice Rub with Chipotle Pepper.

it's all about the spice...

The dry rubs arebased on authentic Cuban flavors

Taste a part of the Tropics at home.

The spice work not only on pork, but chicken, beef and seafood as well.

Easy to use: Just rub on meat, seafood and poultry and cook in your favorite method.

Can be used as a seasoning agent in salads, eggs, vegetables, etc.

The rub is complete - no need to add salt and pepper.

The Original Cuban Spice rub is not hot (spicy) - but herb flavorful!

The Chipotle Rub adds just the right amount of heat & smoke flavor.

Nutritional Facts

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Cuban Spice Blend
Cuban Spice Blend
with Chipotle

Moroccan Spice Blend

Tuscan Spice Blend